Gravity is a Layer-1 blockchain designed for mass adoption and an omnichain future.

Introducing Gravity — a Layer 1 omnichain smart contract platform designed to deliver a more efficient, scalable, and secure mechanism for managing complex cross-chain interactions with minimal friction.

With this integrated and streamlined solution, Gravity is poised to elevate interactions for users and developers within Web3 while supporting the complexity and scalability needed for mass adoption.


Gravity is an omnichain settlement layer built for mass adoption and full-chain abstraction. At its core, Gravity is constructed with advanced technologies like Zero-Knowledge Proofs, staking-powered architecture, and state-of-the-art consensus mechanisms that provide high performance, reinforced security, and transaction cost efficiency. Through its full-chain abstraction, Gravity partitions the technical complexities from end users, prioritizing user-friendliness and a seamless journey without exposing users to the intricacies of on-chain interactions.

To meet the demands of high-throughput applications, Gravity features a cross-chain settlement protocol designed to maximize the capabilities of its high-performance and fast-finality chain. This protocol allows applications to use Gravity as the settlement layer for user intents across any chain. With leading applications like Smart Savings, this feature shifts the development paradigm from private, unauditable backends to offloading mission-critical transactions onto Gravity, functioning as an open, code-is-law database.

At launch, Gravity will be integrated within the Galxe ecosystem and our existing suite of products — Quest, Compass, Passport, Score, Alva, and Identity Protocol. With this integration, Gravity is estimated to have over 60 million transactions per month — two times that of Ethereum — establishing it as one of the most active chains based on user activity. This integration serves as the foundational structure that allows projects to access a vast user base, enhancing their ability to attract and retain users.

Key Features of Gravity

  • Cross-Chain Transactions: Gravity allows developers to define and settle transactions across multiple blockchains, making interactions more efficient and secure.

  • Efficient Verification: Supporting cost-efficient ZKP verification, Gravity ensures that transactions are both economical and secure.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Introducing cryptographic primitives like the secp256r1 curve through precompiled contracts, Gravity enables use cases such as cost-effective passkey authentication for Account Abstraction wallets, enhancing user experience.

  • High-Performance Execution: Gravity integrates the fastest execution layer, Reth, and the state-of-the-art consensus algorithm Jolteon. Together, these technologies are set to provide high throughput and near-instant finality.

  • Secure and Robust PoS Mechanism: Gravity’s Proof-of-Stake will be powered by the combination of G token native staking and restaking protocols including Babylon and EigenLayer. This design incentivizes and unites a cross-spectrum community to collectively safeguard the Gravity chain.

  • EVM Compatibility: Gravity will be fully EVM-compatible, allowing developers to deploy and interact with smart contracts seamlessly.

Use Cases

With Gravity, we’re empowering projects to build a broad spectrum of solutions for Web3 users while tapping into the 20 million users within the Galxe ecosystem.

  • Balance Abstraction with Yield: With the emergence of protocols across multiple chains, Web3 users face increasing challenges in managing their assets seamlessly. Gravity addresses this challenge by consolidating balances across all chains and ensuring cross-chain transaction settlements and verification on-chain, providing a streamlined and boundless experience.

  • Intent-Based Transactions: Gravity simplifies the intricate process of navigating infrastructure-level transactions between chains. This system permits intent-based transactions, freeing users from the complexities of the underlying technical mechanics. For example, with Gravity, developers can create platforms that allow users to buy ETH on any chain with minimal slippage, without needing to worry about where or how to source the underlying liquidity.

  • Gas Abstraction: With the addition of smart contract wallet support, Gravity enhances the user experience by enabling transaction batching and gas sponsorships. This eliminates the need for users to bridge tokens between chains to complete multi-chain transactions, creating a seamless omnichain experience.

  • Omnichain Loyalty Points: The existing loyalty points system on Galxe Quest will be migrated to Gravity, shifting all loyalty points on-chain. With native features such as permission control, snapshot taking, and points trading, Gravity functions as the foundational layer for loyalty points marketplaces, powering fully on-chain quests.

Gravity Release

The launch of Gravity will occur in two phases. The Gravity Alpha Mainnet, a Ethereum rollup powered by the Arbitrum Nitro stack, will go live in June 2024, followed by the Gravity Mainnet in Q2 2025. The Alpha Mainnet will demonstrate Galxe’s commitment to high standards by testing cross-chain settlements in a transparent environment. The full Mainnet will feature a restaking-powered PoS Layer 1 blockchain with Reth as its EVM execution engine.

Join Us

The universe cannot exist without gravity; it’s the cosmic glue that holds everything together. Similarly, Gravity is the foundational layer that will empower the Web3 ecosystem to grow and thrive. Join us as we venture into this exciting new phase to transform the future of the Internet.

For more information, visit, and follow Gravity on X for the latest updates: @GravityChain.

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