Using Gravity

Using Gravity with your blockchain wallet.

Currently, Gravity is at its Alpha Mainnet stage (an Ethereum Rollup using Arbitrum Nitro stack) as described in this post.

Gravity Alpha Mainnet can be added as a custom network to any EVM-compatible wallet (i.e. MetaMask).

Network Information

Gravity Alpha Mainnet

Add Gravity Alpha Mainnet to Metamask

  • Chain ID: 1625, 0x659

  • Currency Symbol / Native Token: G

    Note: If you are integrating Gravity before 07/01/2024, G token on Gravity Alpha Mainnet will be the native gas token and its symbol would have to be G. (G dot) instead of its ERC20 name G, temporarily. Because until the its next release (mid June 2024), Metamask will not support single-letter native currency symbol.

  • Chain logo:, or visit this link for different versions

Gravity Alpha Testnet Sepolia

Add Gravity Alpha Testnet Sepolia to Metamask

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