G Token

Powering the future of Web3. G is the native token on Gravity, and the utility token of both Gravity and the Galxe ecosystem.

GAL -> G Migration

With the approval of proposals GP-25 and GP-30 by the Galxe DAO community, we’re migrating the Galxe (GAL) token to Gravity (G), unifying and streamlining the experience across both ecosystems. This upgrade focuses on enhancing the user journey, integrating the token seamlessly across our Layer 1 and the Galxe ecosystem, and simplifying the ticker for easier recognition. G will serve as the universal token, providing utility in governance, transactions, and incentives across the entire ecosystem. Read this article to learn more about the token migration.

The migration portal is available for all GAL holders to migrate their existing GAL to G.

What is G Token?

G is the native token on Gravity and the utility token for both Gravity and the Galxe ecosystem. G powers transactions as the gas token and will soon secure the network through staking. As the primary utility token across both ecosystems, G drives governance decisions, incentivizes growth, and facilitates payments.

G Token

As the Native Token

As ERC-20 Token

As LayerZero OFT

For chains that do not have G token contract deployed natively, we use LayerZero's OFT standard to bring G tokens to those chains.

  • Token Name: GravityTokenG (OFT)

  • Token Symbol: G.oft

Deployed networks:

Security configurations:

Token Release Schedule

Please refer to this table for the completed token release schedule of G.

To find the previous token release schedule of GAL, visit this table.

G Utilities

Beyond migrating the existing utilities from GAL, G will expand its range of applications to serve all users within our ecosystems. Here are the key functionalities of G:

  • Staking: Stake G to actively participate in governance, secure the network, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of both the Gravity and Galxe ecosystems. Additionally, G stakers gain convenient access to exclusive rewards from applications built by Galxe.

  • Governance: G DAO is governed by G holders. Acting as a transparent, secure, and decentralized framework, G DAO fosters unity and progress among its members.

  • Transacting: As the native gas token of Gravity Chain, G is used for executing and paying for all onchain transactions.

  • Payments: As the utility token in the Galxe ecosystem, G is used to pay fees for applications built by Galxe, including Galxe Quest, Galxe Passport, Galxe Score, Alva, and more.

Additional Examples of G Utilities in the Galxe Ecosystem

  • Galxe Shop

    Shop from thousands of online merchants and earn cash back in G. Galxe Shop offers a seamless and rewarding shopping experience, exclusive to the Galxe community.

  • Galxe Earn

    G stakers may be eligible for exclusive airdrops from partners within the Galxe ecosystem. Powered by Galxe Quest, Galxe Earn facilitates direct engagement and smarter distribution of rewards.

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